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Welcome to Advance Sports Clinic

Advanced Sports Clinic Brisbane, is a Sports Medicine Clinic located at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill, Brisbane. We are focused on developing a tailored treatment plan for each individual. The centre provides comprehensive sports medicine services for all conditions. We focus on both new soft tissue or joint injuries, or a long standing chronic problems.


Advanced Sports Clinic Brisbane


Did you know…

The majority of acute soft tissue and sporting injuries (80-90%) can be treated non-operatively. Therefore here at Advanced Sports Clinic Brisbane we have an urgent sports injury clinic. Our Sports Doctor will thoroughly assess you and your condition in a comfortable environment, where you will not feel rushed. We aim to identify the cause in a timely manner, and accurately diagnose your injury. We can organise for urgent investigations and imaging when required. We work closely with you and aim to commence you on the appropriate treatment path early. We can also refer you to a Specialised Surgeon in a timely manner, if non-operative management fails or you require surgical intervention.

What does Advanced Sports Clinic Brisbane provide?

We provide a wide range of services both in our rooms and as day surgery cases. These include Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP), Cortisone injections and shockwave therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma Injection and shockwave therapy are both new forms of treatments available for acute or chronic tendinopathies, bursitis and plantar fasciitis.

Our Sports Doctor at Advanced Sports Clinic Brisbane, Dr Babak Eskandari-Marandi is an experienced sports doctor with a passion for health and well-being. He is a Queensland and Australian Natural Body-building champion with over 20 years of exercise and sporting experience. Through this he has personally endured multiple injuries and he has first hand experience on how it feels to train through an injury and what is involved with the rehabilitation process.

What conditions do we treat?


For more information or to make an appointment, please call 3831 8888.

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What We Do

  • Manage ACUTE and CHRONIC Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Diagnosis / Non-surgical management of:
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot and Ankle Pain

Services we provide

We treat:
  • Sport and soft tissue injuries
  • Muscle and joint pain
We provide:
  • Ultrasound guided injections.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.
  • Body composition analysis (bioelectrical impedance analysis).
  • Sports nutritional advice to aid:
  • Performance, Weight loss, Including dietary supplements.
  • Strong Orthopaedic referral group for surgical intervention.

What we treat

  • All sports related injuries including:
  • Tendinopathies
  • Stress fractures
  • Simple fractures
  • New and old soft tissue and joint pain


Advanced Sports Clinic has the experience and the expertise to get you back on the field.