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Sports Doctor

Dr Babak Eskandari-Marandi

Dr Babak Eskandari-Marandi is an experienced sports doctor. He has a passion for health and well being. He is a Queensland and Australian Natural Body building champion with over 20 years of exercise experience. Through this he has personally endured multiple injuries. Subsequently he has first-hand experience on how it feels to train through an injury. Therefore he is well rehearsed in what is involved with the rehabilitation process.

Sports Doctor

After completing his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery through Adelaide University, Dr Babak Eskandari-Marandi went on to complete his Basic Surgical Training through the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. He subsequently worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital as an Orthopaedic Registrar. His passion for Sports and Sports related injuries lead him to complete his Masters of Sports Medicine through the University of Queensland.

Our Sports Doctor’s Special Interests

As a sports doctor, he has a special interest in acute and chronic tendinopathies, soft tissue injuries and plantar fasciitis . His treatment regimes are focused on exercise programs, shockwave therapy and the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections.

As a sports doctor, he also works closely with natural body building and physic athletes. He focuses on muscle growth and development, and fat loss and competition preparation.

Dr Babak Eskandari-Marandi also has a major focus on performance enhancement through nutrition, nutrition timing and supplementation.

For further information or to make an appointment to see our Sports Doctor please call 3831 8888.

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